Looking for a compact, lightweight electric pusher that reduces handling costs and increases productivity?

The Easy Mover moves heavy loads and objects using the weight of the object being moved. Pneumatic or battery-powered, it is compact and durable for easy operation, enhancing versatility and manoeuvrability: one person can move up to 100 tonnes! Non-polluting, silent, clean, easy to use and easy to install.

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Choose Easy Mover electric pushers


The strengths of Easy Mover electric pushers

High Quality Components

Our Lift Trolleys are built with high-quality, state-of-the-art aluminium components, assembled without welding.

Practicality and Lightness

Maximum user-friendliness combined with lightness: electric pushers range in weight from 14 kg to a maximum of 39 kg, depending on the model.

Increase productivity

You can reduce labour costs and at the same time increase employee safety by preventing accidents at work.


All machines can be customised to your needs. Send us your application requirements (technical specifications or digital images) and we will customise them to your needs.

Save Time and Money

Operating at speeds of up to 29 m per minute, it allows you to easily transport any material, even bulky ones, saving time and money.

Certified Workshop and Service

Fast and professional service by technicians with decades of experience.

Easy Mover electric pusher operation video

Easy Mover SIMPLIFIES and OPTIMIZES everyday activities in industries all over the world

Direct purchase in convenient instalments, wide stock availability.

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Advantages and benefits of Easy Mover electric pushers

A pusher for every transport

Easy Mover machines are available as battery-powered or compressed-air-powered. They can be used instead of a forklift to pull and push passive transport trolleys and can handle loads of up to 30 tonnes on flat industrial floors, such as concrete floors, industrial floors or asphalt.

Battery operation when you have no access to compressed air

The new battery-operated models allow you to use the electric pusher when you do not have access to compressed air. They move round materials with a diameter of at least 60 cm such as paper reels, cable reels and vehicles.

Variable overload adjustment

Pneumatic compressed air models provide smooth variable adjustment making overloading virtually impossible.

ZERO maintenance

All machines can be customised to your needs. Send us your application requirements (technical specifications or digital images) and we will customise them to your needs. Widths, gears, pick-up and anchor points are available in different designs. The Easy Mover 1250 and 1500 models can be equipped with a 'heavy duty' motor with 33% higher torque.

Applications of the Easy Mover electric pushers

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Paper roll pushers

spingi macchinari industriali pavimenti calcestruzzo

Pushing heavy industrial machinery

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Pushing trucks or vehicles

spingi bobina metallica,spingitore bobine per cavi

Pushing metal cable reels

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Move train wagons

spingere macchinari pesanti su rotelle

Pushing heavy machinery on wheels

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