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industrial wheels, heavy duty casters

High load capacity wheels, types and models

When it comes to high load capacity wheels, i.e. used in contexts where the handling of very heavy machinery and industrial equipment up to 8 tonnes per wheel is required, it is necessary to rely on safe and guaranteed load handling systems.

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high-pressure lifting cushions

High-pressure lifting cushions: usage

When machinery, bulky equipment or the transport and handling of goods is one of the main activities of a business, even small spaces and inches make a difference in working at your best and increasing productivity and allowing you to make a difference!

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electric pusher improving operators

Electric pusher: improving operators' work

When there is heavy and bulky machinery to be moved on the farm, it is necessary to act with the utmost care. An electric puller eliminates the use of a forklift and overhead crane to move weights on flat surfaces. This means that a single employee is autonomous in moving heavy and bulky loads, which can reach up to 30 tons.

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Manual trolley for daily deliveries

Manual trolley for daily deliveries

Do you need a hand trolley to deliver water bottles every day? Or packages of different weights? Or even for moving and other heavy items?
Choosing the right hand trolley is crucial for those who have to haul and push heavy loads on different types of flooring, including stairs, on a daily basis.

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ruote industriali di livellamento, a cosa servono le ruote di livellamento

Industrial levelling wheels: the different applications

Companies and all realities, which use heavy machinery on a daily basis and often have to move it from one part of the hall to another, need to secure their employees during machinery handling operations and, at the same time, be sure that their equipment works properly, even after it has been moved.

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hydraulic lift to choose

Which hydraulic lift to choose? Choose from GKS Perfekt models

If you need to lift and move heavy loads and large objects inside or outside your company during loading, unloading, production, assembly and maintenance, you are probably wondering which hydraulic lift to choose.

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motorised trolley,motorised trolley for company

Which motorised trolley should you choose for your company?

A motorised robot trolley is an indispensable device for moving heavy loads in an automated manner, especially in the case of assembly lines, internal logistics, and machine handling and installation.

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scegliere carrello girevole, guida scelta carrello girevole 360

How to choose a heavy-duty swivel trolley?

A rotating trolley is the ideal solution when you need to move heavy loads by safely pivoting them in different directions. This simplifies every stage of moving goods, both inside and outside your company, especially in situations where there is little space to manoeuvre.

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quale carrello da trasporto scegliere, scegliere carrello per trasporto

Which transport trolley to choose?

Do you need a transport trolley to move goods effortlessly and safely? Nuova Tecnica offers various models of roller conveyors, designed to move heavy, bulky and heavy-weight loads (up to 80 tonnes) in an automated manner within industrial plants, warehouses, distribution centres.

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